Susan Olij – Mi camino

See Granada through my filter.

There is a restless nature to Granada that Susan feels, and when she travels the big world, her paintings seeks to encourage slow travel. That doesn’t mean we all have to travel far away to exotic lands but traveling slowly in our small world of our daily life. The artist wants to hear how these paintings feels through the viewer’s cultural filter? (Please write your answers on her personal sketchbook in the gallery or tell her in person if you see her!)

These paintings are studies of the artist moving around in Granada. The artist convey the movements of this city through the cultural filter and disciplines she comes from. Susan Olij is from a mixed culture family living in South East Asia. Born in Indonesia, she has lived in big

cities like New York and London and now in Singapore. Susan has travelled to 39 countries and has made slow travel a big part of her art practice. Susan encourage people to have conversations with her during the exhibition or connect on DM with her on instagram. (IG: olijstudio_travels)