Nutsa Mikaberidze – Contagious

How Does the Environment Affect People? It is important what mood we are in, but it’s also important what the atmosphere around is like. For example: bees are well seen how they work together. How beautifully they explain the trajectory to the flowers for each other, by dancing around according to the position of the sun. They have great kind of teamwork. Bees are driven by a common interest and work for it together. They have assigned roles and responsibly follow the plan. Whatever action they do, they do it for the community, and also for themselves, because they are parts of the community. Accordingly, if one does not do the work, the others will also suffer. So are human being relationships, as well. It depends on people how eager they are to handle the situation well. Humans can motivate each other. Everything is contagious.
About the bees: I wanted to make this artwork for a long time now. You know when a bee bites you, it hearts, but the bee dies at the moment. It is so sad for me, but also so inspiring expression to show, how bravely they are protecting their territory for their own life. And it reminds me of Ukraine people. You know there is a war now and Ukraine people stand together in this. They are heroes for me. And because of this, bees are in two colors – yellow and blue. It represents the Ukrainian flag. And also, I must note that Georgians share the war situation, because Russia attacked Georgia so many times, in the 90th and also in 2008. And they are pulling the border every night for 1 meter. So, it is a really painful theme for most of the Georgians. And with this artwork I wanted to show how bravely Ukraine people are going against the enemy, and how eager I am to be one of them.