Mako Lomadze – Unspoken

«Had imagined a completely different project to work on for this particular residency.
I’ve been working on a concept- death and I was about to finish my previous project – the bird’s death. Here , I started my self-portrait, but with a non-descriptive face.  And the rest of this series contains non-descriptive circumstances, just some of the scenes. I painted all these images unconsciously.

Some shots just popped into my mind. In the end, it turns out that this project does not differ from the first one at all. As soon as I came here, I heard terrible news from my home. Two close friends of mine had died under different circumstances. I tried to dig closer into my Subconscious and Later, I realized that all these shells I’d been hiding in, pink wigs, and simply the items from my room were a metaphor for shelter for me, an attempt to hide from enormous sadness.

My brain had refused to digest the information and didn’t feel any sorrow. Therefore the only thing I could feel was guilt. Maybe the reason is that I’m so far from home, I can’t believe they’re gone.

I dedicate this exhibition to my beloved friends Zura and Merabo.»