Andrée-Anne Mercier – Mi camino

During her journey at Espacio Lavadero, Andrée-Anne Mercier focus her observation in the architecture of everyday life, particularly the house in its environment, as well as the digital gaze we have on these places. She represent, between illusion and reality, places that she met during her personal journey in different districts of the city of Granada, has Albaicin, Centro y la Chana, through the manipulation of the initial image under a digital angle. As her first time in Europe, Mercier is captivate by the small details surrounding the doors and windows in Granada, the artist is interested in adding these type of frames into her work. The project in two steps reflects on how the blending of the real and the virtual changes not only the art object itself, but also our perception of the initial place. Her final presentation at Espacio Lavadero is only the beginning of a variety of work to be continue back home.

Based in Montréal, Canada, Andrée-Anne Mercier is represented by Robertson-Arès Gallery. To see more of her work:

Instagram: dre___mercier