Resident Artist Archive

Residents 2022

Malin Grahn-Wilder

01.01.2022 – 28.02.2022

Helsinki (Finland)

She is a writer, dancer, art educator and philosopher. She received my Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Helsinki in 2013, and she’s the author of the acclaimed book Gender and Sexuality in Stoic Philosophy (Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2018) as well as multiple anthology articles on philosophy, gender and dance. She has worked as a professional dancer and arts educator in Finland and New York City since 2012. For example,as a Teaching Artist at the Center for Arts Education in New York City 2016-17, and as Arts Education Manager at Bronx Music Heritage Center in 2017. As a dancer, she has performed on small and big stages in Finland and the USA.

In her work, I intertwine philosophy with art, and she is most inspired to work with interdisciplinary projects with a social impact. For example, she conducted workshops combining dance, poetry and philosophy at Rikers Island female prison in New York City, through the Rethink Community Outreach Program at Columbia University (2016-17). As an arts educator, she has worked extensively with at-risk children and youth, e.g. designing and conducting programs where immigrant children learnt English language through arts (CAE & New York City Department of Education, 2016-17). In Finland, she has collaborated intensively with several museums and cultural institutions such as Helinä Rautavaara Museum, Theater Museum and Cultural House Kääntöpaikka. In these institutions, her work has centered on multicultural arts education, bringing together dance traditions particularly from the African diaspora and jazz heritage. Her work with children builds on theoretical foundations laid down by problem-based learning, phenomenon-based learning and interdisciplinarity, which means e.g. combining movement with exercises in creative writing or visual arts.

Stephanie Del Carpio Torres

01.03.2022 – 30.04.2022

Perú / USA, 1986

Stephanie Del Carpio Torres is a Peruvian American artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. Her focus on portraiture comes from a love of history and interest in journaling. She sees her work as a series of journal entries memorializing, for herself, significant moments in her life. Self-portraiture is a process through which she examines layers of her personhood, questioning the identities that were projected onto her as an immigrant growing up in America. How does one reconcile different cultures in one’s upbringing and later in their search for identity?

In her work, Stephanie looks at Eurocentric modes of representation to reinsert her unique perspective into a canon that has historically been exclusive of immigrant voices. Her work explores themes of the home, her recent relocation to Europe, connections within the family, and the subtle ways in which her upbringing and cultural experiences have shaped her identity.

During her time at LAV Artist Residence, she will study the rich visual history of Andalucia. As a place of convergence for many cultures and faiths across centuries, Granada will be the backdrop for an exploration of the many ways its visual vocabulary can be accessed and experienced. Through the self-portrait she will examine the history, as well as the vibrant patterns, colors, and decorative elements of Mudejar architecture and interior spaces to discover new and personal entry points.

Alexandra Wilson

01.05.2022 – 31.06.2022

New York (USA), 1993

Alexandra Wilson is a New York City-based multi-media artist working in sculpture, fiber, and film. Driven by her experience as a seamstress and costume designer, her work concentrates on the process of fabrication. She combines new-media tools and technologies with traditional image-making in order to shift perspective and dimensional understandings of common objects. She explores the friction among domesticity, labor, and tourism through the lens of the trivial and works to disturb and disorient any familiar context.

The dialogue between the original, everyday object and its abstraction prompts insights of scale and function. In one instance, a laundry basket morphs into a modernist highrise. The cityscape has proven a fertile source of artistic inspiration for my work and comes naturally to me as a native New Yorker. I would bring the same sense of discovery and exploration to Granada and its objects.

My experience with making ceramic vessels has highlighted the important role of water as an transformative material.  Water is added to soften the clay when forming on the wheel and then removed when firing.  Even a dry clay vessel can be rehydrated back to its component parts- clay and water.  Throughout visual history the liquid container endures and has materially evolved from clay to modern day materials (plastic, glass, silicon, and metal).  During my residency, I want to explore the vessel as it is portrayed throughout art.  With this collection of pieces, I aim to distill our enduring need to collect, contain, and control water.  In conjunction with this consideration of water (in its liquid state), I am intrigued with water in its solid state (ice) as a substance that can take the form of a vessel but also can transform back to its formless state.  I foresee these inquiries to manifest as drawings and/ or a sculptural representation.

Juanito Ariza

01.07.2022 – 31.08.2022

Colombia, 1999

Juanito Ariza is a Colombian multi-media artist based in Toronto. His work aims to create abstract audio-visual experiences collaging sound, film photography, and animation. Building experimental moments that challenge the aesthetics of music, cultivating mindfulness, and vulnerability.

Juan draws inspiration from his bi-cultural identity, and developmental experiences. Focused on sharing the cultural cross-pollination of his immigration from Colombia to Canada employing analog gear, and new media formats. He is interested in exploring the tensions, and bridges between the old, and the new and its inherent connections.

During his time at the LAV artist Residency, Juan will investigate the sonic potential of the Colombian folkloric instrument el Tiple, as an exploration of the intersection between Latin-American rhythms, and electronic music. He will be learning about the origins of Spanish chordal instruments, and it’s influence on Colombia. Documenting conversations with local luthiers, photographing his experiences in Granada, and experiment with incorporating these to build sound architecture, and film animations.

Fei Li

01.08.2022 – 31.08.2022

USA / China

Born in Minnan, China, Fei Li is a Brooklyn based artist who explores the strength of fragility in the form of painting, public ritual and interactive storytelling. They create ambiguities of meaning and at the same time lead to crossing borders of language and societal constraints as she creates new structures. As a consequence of investigating the multiplicity of narrative and emotional elements, the formal qualities in her work are often pushed to the edge of cohesion. These complex relationships give rise to a tension between phantasmagoric imagery and the pursuit of an energy-infused aesthetic unity.

While at LAV, she is interested in exploring the juxtaposition of nature and the ruins in Granada, and how it echoes to the complex structure of culture and history. She will also expand her research on a new series of work that uses imaginary birds as alternative feminine mythology.

Ramon Ostolaza

01.11.2022 – 30.11.2022

Lima (Perú), 1966

Self-taught artist and Forest Engineer by training. He has devoted nearly 30 years to environmental consulting and education. He has done artist-in-residence programs three times and has two solo shows: MicroMacro (2021) and Split (2019); as well as ten collectives in the last six years, being promoter and curator of some of them. His artistic work began in the 1980s with personal works without exhibition purposes. In the last three years he has been developing an artistic proposal that he calls MicroMacro.

“Over the last few years, my work has focused on creating an imaginary ecosystem, a metaphor for how ideas take shape and are sustained. Retinues of creatures roam a formless space, cut off from the landscape or a time frame.

My approach to MicroMacro is mainly through sculpture, I use plastic materials such as ceramics, paper paste or epoxy putties to convey a particular sensation that reinforces the image or attitude of the creatures.»

Iliana Scheggia

01.11.2022 – 30.11.2022

Lima (Perú), 1972

He graduated from the Fine Arts School of Fine Arts Corriente Alterna with the gold medal of the class of 2004. He has a bachelor’s degree in plastic arts through the complementary baccalaureate program of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. He has had nine individual exhibitions, both in Peru and abroad, and has participated in various artist-in-residence programs.

«My work revolves around the construction of space and how we relate to it. I have always been attracted to the nature of the universe and how it is configured; Where are you from; what is beyond the visible and how does it work as well as what is my role within it. I use geometry as a way to abstract these questions.

On this occasion I am interested in exploring the cartography of the city, traveling through space and investigating the patterns found in these urban plans and how they have been transformed, leaving a trace in the memory of the place.»

Residents 2021

Cosa Mentale

Célia Bétourné & Louis Cortes

01.08.2021 – 31.08.2021


Cosa Mentale is a young digital art collective made up of Célia Bétourné and Louis Cortes. Coming from the real-time digital scene, our group was born with the intention of exploring real-time practice generally oriented towards new media. (Virtual Reality, immersive / interactive installations, video mapping…). The new modes associated with digital creation and their paradigms are the greatest inspiration for our collective, both in their creation logic and in their aesthetics.

Through their work they allow us to display an imaginary linked to new technologies close to what they really are: devices and software with limited capacities, but with infinite virtual possibilities. His pieces / systems, mostly interactive, integrate digital matter through generative processes in the infinity of its expressions. These infinite variations of digital matter lead us to think of it as an almost mystical object between an autonomous system and an object with fascinating plasticity.

Onyinye Ezennia

01.10.2021 – 31.10.2021


Onyinye Ezennia (Zennia) is a Nigerian experimental artist. She’s a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA) and Female Artists Association of Nigeria (FEAAN). She studied Graphics design at Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu (Fine and Applied Arts Department) graduating with a Distinction. She did her post graduate studies at Nnamdi Azikiwe University (Unizik), Awka.
She explores through different medium of art – social/documentary Photography, visual communication design, and exploration with light and sound which won her the prize for originality in 2014. She explores on String Art which won her the overall winner prize at the ‘Life in My City Art Festival’ (2016) and was a two-time finalist at the Visual Art Competition organised by Spanish Embassy in Nigeria (2018 and 2019). She won the 3rd prize in ‘Best Art’ co-organized by Nike art gallery and Best Nigeria, 2020.

Her works evokes emotions that has been extracted from her experiences. They’re strongly influenced by universal experiences that allow greater empathy for the numerous challenges affecting all humans no matter their origin.

She has participated in various group exhibitions, workshops and competitions which include: “the Tutor & the Tutored”, a Group Exhibition at National Gallery, Enugu, 2015; Pan African Artist (PACA) Exhibition Dakar Biennial Off, Senegal, 2018; October Rain by society of Nigerian artists at Thought pyramid art centre Lagos Nigeria, 2019; “Balance for Better” by Female artist association of Nigeria at Nike art gallery Lekki Lagos. “Small Making” by InSEA (International Society for Education through Art) at the University of British Columbia, Canada, July 2019; “Insight” by Xavier University of Louisiana in collaboration with Nike Art Gallery New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 2019 and “Affordable Art Auction” by Arthouse Contemporary, 2020.

Saidhbhín Gibson

21.12.2021 – 04.01.2022


Saidhbhín Gibson

Saidhbhín Gibson’s work explores the commodification of Nature for and by humans. Her work focuses on human-centric attitudes to the environment. Multifarious methods of production are employed in the manufacture of the work including video, photography, sculpture, needlepoint lace and text. The making of the work exemplifies economy rather than excess to further enhance an awareness of the environmental impact of human actions.

Saidhbhín Gibson has exhibited nationally and internationally in solo and group shows most recently including Hindsight is 2020, Rua Red, Dublin 2020, A Vague Anxiety, IMMA, Dublin 2019, Encounters with the Land, VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow, 2018 where she was awarded the Éigse Graduate Award, Cairde Visual, The Model, Sligo 2018, Loping Towards Darkness, VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art (solo), 2017 and ‘Make it OK’ touring to seven UK venues 2015-17

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Fran Pérez Rus

Dirección Espacio Lavadero:

Miguel Ángel Moreno Carretero