→LAV Artist Residence

LAV is an artistic residency program within Espacio Lavadero.

LAV aims to accommodate artistic creation in situ in the city of Granada.

LAV is a space for creation and exhibition based on coexistence and community.

LAV as support to the current artistic sector of emerging international art.

LAV as a laboratory for experimental creation, as an exhibition and informative space.

Image: Hodei Herreros


The residency program is located in the center of the city of Granada, a city with a great historical heritage and a culture based on diversity. An ideal place to explore and create, with access to local archives, libraries, museums, theaters and the university.

Granada is an ideal setting for creation, being a multicultural, open and accessible city. Its location places us close to neighborhoods and enclaves full of inspiration, such as El Albaicín, El Realejo, La Alhambra, Sierra Nevada or La Alpujarra.


LAV is an international residency program for current creators and contemporary artists.

LAV offers a space for creation and at the same time for exhibition. The residence includes a workshop, an showroom for specific events, accommodation and other services.

Included services:

→ Accommodation in the urban area of ​​Granada.

→ Single room, expenses included.

→ Own creation workshop.

→ Furniture and office supplies.

→ Internet access.

→ Kitchen and bathroom area.

→ Showroom*.

* The showroom will be available for specific events only for medium and long-term stays.
** Travel expenses, subsistence and creation materials are not included in the price.


LAV offers several types of residency to best suit your needs as an artist: for stays of two weeks to two months.

→Short Stay

Duration: 2 weeks

Residency fee:

→ 600 €

→Middle Stay

Duration: 1 month

Residency fee:

→ 850 €

→Long Stay

Duration: 2 months

Residency fee:

→1500 €

*Payment will be made by Bizum, bank transfer, Paypal or Wise. It will be necessary to contribute 50% to formalize the reservation. The remaining amount will be contributed at the beginning of the stay.
Once the reservation is made, the date may be modified within the current year, as long as the date is available. In the case of cancellation, refunds are not contemplated due to management costs.

→Workshop /


Make your application in the residences easily through this form. Then we will send you an email where you can follow the next steps.

If you are interested in participating in our residence and want to make a reservation or have any questions, here you canask us anything:

    Dirección y coordinación LAV Artist Residence:

    Fran Pérez Rus

    Dirección Espacio Lavadero:

    Miguel Ángel Moreno Carretero